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 Prop Hunt FAQ

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PostSubject: Prop Hunt FAQ   Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:52 pm

Why is everything pink and black?
You must be new to garrys mod, as it has been always, garrys mod needs a certain texture pack that you have to pay for which they dont tell you, it sucks I know. you can rather buy the game Counter Strike: Source, or you can just youtube "how to get the css textures for gmod for free 2015 (also for windows 10)" and follow the steps provided. It may seem sketchy, but there are no virus' in the content given. Just remember to download the game content and possibly map content then add it to your addons folder in garrys mod

How do I become a Prop?
To become a Prop, press e on the prop you wish to disire and you will become that prop (Keep in mind, you cannot rotate your prop, so it will be set to look a certain way, as well as there may not be a prop you can become because it is rather apart of the map, or it is blocked for certain reasons) 

How do I hold a Prop without becoming the Prop?
To hold a prop without turning into it, hold Ctrl and press E (Note not all props you will be able to pick up)

How do I gain a rank on the server?
Dont nag us because if you do, you wont most likely lose your chance of becoming a mod or any other rank. Just be on regularly, and let us gain your trust

Why can I hear the other team chatter?
You can hear them so people can hear others Ghosting which is a bannable offence. This is to keep people from cheating, allowing people to enjoy the game properly

Why cant I Private Message through !menu?
We removed this from users as we dont want people Ghosting on the server.

What is Ghosting?
Ghosting is when trying to tell people where props are, this is cheating and you will be banned if you continue this.

Why can't I mute someone in game on the scoreboard?
We do not allow muting as we need to make sure you do not mute staff for the sheer fact you may get punished for something you may not know you did. If someone is spamming or being abusive towards others on the server, generally a staff member will gag the person to solve the issue

There seems to be no staff members on the server, how do I report players if they are not on?
You can report players in Reports/Appeals tab and under Ban Reports with their steamid and why you are reporting this player. We will then deal with the situation from then on

Staff are abusing me with powers, where do I report this?
If you feel like a staff member is being aggressive/disrespectful/abusive of their powers, please report this on our forum page in the "Reports/Appeals" tab. We care about our community and if there are people causing havoc as staff, we want to know so we can fix the problem

If there is anything you'd like to ask, please comment below on this Forum Page and we will add your question to the FAQ
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Prop Hunt FAQ
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