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PostSubject: RULES   Sun Aug 28, 2016 6:28 pm

These are the rules of Gold Dynasty
Under each rule is the punishment that is given. If there is more underneath, it takes affect if continued behaviour

Closing the MOTD means you are agreeing to these rules. These rules are to allow the community to trust each other and be able to have a safe, enjoyable game without others breaking rules. If someone breaks one of these rules, please inform an admin

Random Deathmatch is not permitted on our server even if it is your traitor friend. If you don't have a reason such as they were shooting first, then you will be punished 
1 RDM = 1 slay
2 RDMs = 1 slay and a warning
3 RDMs = 2 day ban
1 RDM as Detective = 1 slay and a warning
2 RDMs as Detective = 1 day ban
1 Traitor Buddy Kill = 1 slay and a warning
2 Traitor Buddy Kills = 1 day ban
Mass Murder (3+ RDMs in 1 round) = 3 day ban

Constantly use your mic, or type in chat constantly is not allowed and will be given appropriate punishment
Spamming = Gagged/Muted for 1 round
Spamming = Gagged/Muted and warned til map change

If you are seen harassing or abusing anyone on our server, you will be given appropriate punishment. Especially if you are consistently asking people for their contacts
1st Harassment/Abuse = Gagged/Muted (Mattering what you are using to Harass/Abuse) for 1 round
2nd Harassment/Abuse = Gagged/Muted for another round and a warning
3rd Harassment/Abuse = up to 24 hours of ban time

Meta-Gaming is sharing information about the round about who is traitor and teaming up.
Meta-Gaming = A warning
Meta-Gaming = 3 day ban

Ghosting is telling someone where to go/what to do whilst they are alive and you aren't
Ghosting = A warning
Ghosting = 3 day ban

Offensive Sprays
If you are using an offensive spray, you will be given appropriate punnishment
Offensive Spray = A warning
Offensive Spray = Kick til changed

Offensive Names
If someone finds a name extremely offensive, or mimicing someone you will be given appropriate punishment
Offensive Name = A warning
Offensive Name = Kick til changed

Avoiding Punishment
if you leave the game through your punishment, you will face a more harsh punishment such as a ban
Avoiding Punishment = 3 day ban

Prop Killing
Prop killing is also taken as RDM, only Traitors are allowed to do it in which they can be KOSed on
Prop Killing = 1 slay per Prop Kill

KOS is only allowed if someone has been seen killing people/shooting at people/or with a weapon. You need to back up your KOS with evidence.

False KOS
If you called a false KOS, you will be punished, not the person that has been told to kill that person
1st False KOS = Slay
2nd False KOS = A slay and warning
3rd False KOS = 12 hour ban ban

Personal Fights/Arguments
Any personal problems you have with someone, please talk to them privately as some people just want to play the game and not get interupted with drama
Personal Fights/Arguments = Muted/Gagged for a round
Continuous Fighting/Arguments = Kick

AFK people
You are not allowed to kill AFK players until it is Overtime. If you see someone kill a AFK person, you are allowed to KOS
AFK Killing = 1 slay per AFK kill

Self-Advertising is not allowed on this server. If you want more people on your server, do your advertising elsewhere. Self-Advertising is extremely rude, please dont do it
1st Self-Advertisement = 1 Warning
2nd Self-Advertisement = A kick
3rd Self-Advertisement = 1 day ban
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