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 Operator Application Template

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PostSubject: Operator Application Template   Thu Aug 25, 2016 2:03 pm

Title of the topic - (Steam Name)'s Operator Application

- You are at least 13 years of Age
- You must have at least 30 Hours on the server
- You must be widely known across the community
- You must 'fit' Into the Admin team
- You must currently hold the rank of regular
- You must be an active member in the community

- Experience using ULX and Administrating servers
- Hold the rank of Respected
- A clear history with the Admin team -No drama Llamas-

Information about you

Steam Name:
Steam ID:
Hours Played (With Screenshot):


What qualities do you think would make you a good Operator?
Do you think you deserve the Rank of Operator? Why?
Have you ever been seriously punished within this community? If so, why?
Why do you want to be an Operator on Gold Dynasty?
Who are the current staff of Gold Dynasty?


Yourself and an admin are playing on the server together. You notice they are abusing their commands, allowing them to force traitor on themselves and their friends. You message them noting that you believe they are abusing their powers. They ignore your message and become aggressive towards you, telling you that you cannot tell a higher up what to do. They then continue to abuse their powers. What do you do?
There is a young player on the server. You notice they are being harassed by people on the server, and they do not know how to play the game. What do you do?


I acknowledge by posting this Application, that all the information is true. The application has met all requirements that are needed to obtain this rank. I am aware of the responsibilities I may have, and that I must be an active member in order to keep my rank. I know of my duties as this rank, or I am willing to ask a Owner for help in clarifying these responsibilities in order to be the best that I can be for the community. I have used clear and mature language in my application. I recognise that if I am to break these rules and not full fill my duties as this rank, I can be demoted immediately.
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Operator Application Template
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